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Renewable Energy

Cola Impianti is a leader Company in renewable energy, particularly concerning solar thermal and solar photovoltaic. A full commercial network, with technical assistance service centers, and a complete section dedicated to largest photovoltaic "turnkey“ systems, these are the highlights of this department.
Our technical department constantly

goes through production studies, feasibility and profitability studies, and provides pre-and post-sales assistance, and frequently organizes training courses for his employees. The partnership established with the best brands and suppliers, insures the quality and reliability of every single mechanical component.

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The Know How

As customer's global interlocutor reference, supporting the client.

Cola Impianti is nowadays the excellence, regarding specialization and reliability, in design, construction and maintenance of industrial systems; as well as regarding hard and soft facilities management of the largest real estate (Globa - Service Facility) Concerning renewable energy, Cola Impianti’s know - how is entirely aimed toward consumption reduction and optimization, concentrating the most on research and innovation.